since 1982 - pioneer in the field of eco trade

We offer our clients a diverse range of high quality, eco, organic and fair trade products.  We believe in freshness, relevance and vitality. Fair play is our way to work.

You find nine shops in Finland, four in Helsinki and one in Turku, one in Tampere, one in Espoo, one in Raisio and one in Oulu. Webshop serves in Finland.

One thousand tasty organic food products

Coffee, tea, beans, vegan meat, tofu, super foods, honey, vegetable oils, bread, fruit and vegetables, drinks, candy, canned food, baby food, flour and flakes, spices, Finnish specialities... and more! We have large range raw food, glutenfree, lactosfree and milkfree products too.  You can find everything you need for tasty vegan cooking and lots of choice for organic cooking.

Naturally beautiful

You find the largest selection of certified organic and natural cosmetics products and all information needed on our stores. Aromatherapy herbs, peat products and all kind of creams, soaps and shampoos give you a wide choice to take care of you. Come and see how an organic lipstick makes you glow!

Ecofriendly cleaning

You find all household chemicals, detergents, conditioners and washing powders you need for ecofriendly cleaning. Let your home shine while making a choice for the future!

At your service!

Our staff will be glad to present you our stores, products and all the possible choices you can make. Enjoy sustainable and tasty life with us!

At Ruohonjuuri, we believe that the well-being comes from honest food and a feel-good insights.

At Ruohonjuuri we trust the quality of the raw materials and with good quality food made with love.

We believe organic pampering skincare products, ecological environment friendly detergents.  We enjoy delicious blueberry power spiced speltporridge  and the joy of life promoting goji berries….We want to offer our customers a wide selection of the best  health and organic products for experiential and serving environment. We believe in the freshness,  vitality, conscious choices in everyday living.

We are fascinated of the organic and environment friendly products and a food produced nearby neibourhoods. We also appreciate the fair trade that is made with respect for nature and people.

We believe that the joy of life and  good feelings are contagious. A happy customer is for us a matter of honor. Our customers' opinions and ideas are important to us.

We believe that our choices have an impact.