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About Ruohonjuuri / Happy Food Store

Pioneer in the field of ecotrade

We offer our clients a diverse range of high quality, environmentally responsible, organic, and fair trade products. We believe in freshness, relevance and vitality. Fair play is our way of working.


Established in 1982, Ruohonjuuri currently operates altogether 15 stores in Finland:

Our webshop serves our clients all over Finland and EU countries.

Ruohonjuuri Redi

Ruohonjuuri opened its first store in Sweden in Stockholm (Sveavägen 22) January 2018, called Happy Food Store.

Happy Food Store

At Ruohonjuuri, we believe that well-being stems from honest food made with love and feel-good insights.

Ruohonjuuri valikoima

Ruohonjuuri Tampere

Tasty organic food products
Coffee, tea, beans, vegan meat, tofu, super foods, honey, vegetable oils, bread, fruit and vegetables, drinks, candy, canned food, baby food, flour and flakes, spices, Finnish specialities … and much more! We offer a large range of raw food, gluten free, lactose free and milk free products, too. Moreover, we have everything you need for tasty vegan cooking and provide lots of choices for organic cooking.

Ruohonjuuri luonnonkosmetiikkavalikoima

Naturally beautiful
Ruohonjuuri provides the largest selection of certified organic and natural cosmetics and all information needed both in our stores and online. Aromatherapy herbs, peat products and all kinds of creams, soaps and shampoos give you a wide selection to choose from. Come and see how an organic lipstick makes you glow!

Ecofriendly cleaning
We offer a comprehensive range of household chemicals, detergents, conditioners, and washing powders needed for ecofriendly cleaning. Let your home shine while making a contribution to the future!

Ruohonjuuri Oulu

At your service
Our staff is happy to serve you and introduce our products to you. For us a happy customer is a matter of honor. Our customers’ opinions and ideas are thus immensely important to us.

Now we offer also tax free shopping at Ruohonjuuri!